Why I'm Building My Startup With Meteor and React

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I’m building new apps for my startup and I’m ditching Ruby on Rails for Meteor and React. Don’t get me wrong Ruby on Rails is still a great framework, But I’m convinced that Meteor is the best choice for building an MVP from scratch.

What is Meteor?

MeteorJS is Javascript Framework built on top of node.js. It allows you to rapid prototype and build cross-platform apps. Making application development way easier and faster. So, It’s perfect for whipping up mvp really quick and validate ideas.

Why Meteor?

So, why I’m really convinced that Meteor is a new framework of choice for startups? And why I’m betting the future of my startup on this technology? Here’s some few reasons on top my head, why I like building apps with Meteor and React.

It’s Reactive and Real-Time

The future of web applications is single-page and real-time. No more page loads, no more browser refresh (well maybe less). You can now build web apps that feels like native. And with React on the front-end, it’s a powerful combo.

Write Onces Run Everywhere

With the help of Cordova, it can turn your web application into Android and iOS app. So, when your at early stage and don’t have the money to hire Android and iOS developers. You can build prototype and validate your app by creating a hybrid app. At the same time you are maintaining single codebase.

Node.js and It’s Packages

As I have mentioned earlier, Meteor is Node.js. And so you can use all the node packages you want. Aside from the growing list of meteor packages. Being built on top of nodejs means it’s also fast. Not to mention the growing meteor community, aside from the massive nodejs community. So, I’m pretty sure you can get help when you need it.


A lot of you would ask “Is it production ready?”. I would say “Yes”. Although it’s a young framework; the past two years that I’ve been working and playing around with it has evolved a lot. And it’s progress are pretty solid. More and more meteor apps have been launched everday, and it’s getting a lot of momentum.

Do you have a great app idea?

If you have an awesome app idea and need some technology expertise. You have come to the right place.